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Discover what we can offer you: Personal and digital mortgages tailored to you and your project

Finance your home in your own way. Whether you’re resident or non-resident in Spain, we have a mortgage for you. We are experts in life projects that begin with an idea and turn into a home.

We are part of UCI and are backed 🚀 by Banco Santander and BNP Paribas

No need to change bank... take out your mortgage and insurance and that’s it… green banking pioneers… personal advisors at your disposal…
Yes, we’re proud of ourselves, but we also have advantages for you and your new home project. Discover them.

We are different... 🤖
so we offer you
a different approach.


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Our customers are the ones
who define us best

Whether you’re a non-resident like Ilaria or you live in Spain, we have a
mortgage for you. We’ll be with you throughout this crucial period when
you don’t even know where to begin. We’ll make your home a reality.


If you’d rather see it than read it, this video will answer your questions

What makes us different?

We simplify the process of taking out a mortgage. You have the freedom to stay with your bank and the ease of taking out the mortgage wherever you want. We have the empathy to understand your needs.

Why a digital mortgage?

A digital mortgage allows you to take one of the most important steps of your life from home, with no complications and no additions you haven’t asked for. In your own way, in your own style.

How can you take out your mortgage?

We’ve shared this video so you can get to know us: what we offer and what makes us different. A Hollywood-style super-production you can watch whenever you want.

Digital but highly personal

Get the answers to your questions from our team of expert mortgage consultants. We have more than 30 years’ experience connecting people and life projects with homes for you and your loved ones.

Mortgages tailored to you

You can take out your mortgage 100% digitally while wearing your slippers at home; 100% personal with a Personal Advisor who will accompany you throughout the journey to get your new home.

  • With clear explanations and large print.

  • Person-to-person. Leave your details today, and we’ll call you tomorrow.

  • Tailored to your circumstances, the mortgage that fits like a glove.